Jul 21, 2014

July News

City Hall

For those of you waiting on delivery of the game, it got help up at customs for while, but passed inspection last week. This means that you will hopefully be receiving your games soon and that they will be almost certainly be free of narcotics and uranium. I cannot thank you enough for being part of ending my Wannabe status. However, being the gift-horse-mouth-looker that I am, I would ask for one more favor. After you've gotten a chance to play the game, please take a moment to rate or write about the game on BoardGameGeek (if you're a member).

The first few months after release are critical for a game's ability to reach a large audience, so any assistance in getting people to give it a chance will be much appreciated.

Captains of Industry

More information on this should be coming your way soon.

Gaming the Design

The next episode of the series is now up. I take a look at Gil Hova's prototype for Prime Time.

The Uncommons

Tomorrow, July 22, at 7pm, I will be at The Uncommons in NYC with my copies of City Hall. Come by at 7pm and get to play the game early.

Source: Korus

Jul 7, 2014

DexCon 2014

Pictures from my DexCon trip at the end of the post, but some quick hits here:

  • My new game, FX, has a great central mechanic for simulating currency exchange rates. However, the pickup-and-deliver game I built around it is awful. I need to play a few more of those types of games to figure out the core essence I can boil them down to so it will be interesting without distracting from the central element of my game.
  • FCOJ is not good as a turn-based game. It was worse than the TTR card game.
  • FCOJ is still incredibly confusing for new players. I'd forgotten about that because I've been playtesting it with mostly the same 8 people for a year now. Getting new eyes on it was a good kick in the shin to remind me.
  • It is fun to pronounce FCOJ as "fikozh".
  • I am incredibly grateful for all the support that the Double Exposure team has given me over the past decade and was so happy to be able to premiere City Hall at DexCon. Giving me a private room with a good wireless signal for the final match of the City Hall tournament was also very nice of them.
  • For anyone who is reading this and has played City Hall, please take the time to write a forum post or even just a ratings comment on Board Game Geek. It would really help me out, even if it is marked as provisional. I am afraid of it being drowned out in the crazy atmosphere of GenCon and would like to get people's notice ahead of the convention so it is on their to-do list.
  • DexCon was a great start to my first convention season as a published game designer. I can't wait for GenCon and BGGCon!

Jul 1, 2014

DexCon Playtests

They're not on the official schedule, but some interest has been expressed in playtesting my designs-in-progress. Wednesday night at around 9pm, we'll try to test a brand-new prototype, FX. Then on Saturday afternoon we'll try to do a run of FCOJ.

If you're interested in playtesting, at these times or others, lemme know.

See you at DexCon!

Jun 19, 2014

$100 City Hall tournament at DexCon

Two weeks from today City Hall will make its first convention appearance with demos and a tournament at DexCon. Because I am so giddy at my first game debuting, there will be a $100 prize for the winner. The tournament will be two rounds. The first round's heats will be Thursday evening and Friday Afternoon. The final round will be Friday evening. Full details below.

  • B0526: The 2014 U.S. National City Hall Championship
    Thursday, 8:00PM - 10:00PM
    Session 1A of 2
    See Also: B0677. Next Session: B0712
    Finally in print, DEXCON is proud to present the FIRST annual U.S. National Championship for this great game from Visible Hand Games! Players activate various offices in City Hall and then bid influence against those offices to control how they affect the city's development. Players must choose wisely when to accept an opponent's bid, trading the ability to do something now for the ability to do something bigger later. Players may play in either or both of the two preliminary sessions, but may only qualify once. The winners at each table will advance to the final round to play for the U.S. National Championship title, a $100 prize offered by Michael Keller and a trophy!
  • B0677: The 2014 U.S. National City Hall Championship
    Friday, 4:00PM - 6:00PM
    Session 1B of 2
    See Also: B0526. Next Session: B0712
  • B0712: The 2014 U.S. National City Hall Championship
    Friday, 8:00PM - 10:00PM
    Session 2 of 2
    See Also: B0526. Previous Session(s): B0526, B0677

I'll also be getting a demo table where I'll spend most of my time. I'll have protos for Captains of Industry and FCOJ (and maybe one new thing) with me for pickup games, but they aren't on the schedule.